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The Chocolate Dealer

"Choco" is on his way to dealing out a lot of chocolate. Every time you breed a mare to this colt he will pass on a silver dapple gene. He will also throw a little icing on their color as well since he is also going to throw a sabino gene as well. Breeding to "Choco" will bring you one of two base colors chestnut sabino or silver dapple sabino. Both are beautiful colors and you simply cannot go wrong by breeding to "Choco."

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Detailed Profile

  • Name:    The Chocolate Dealer
  • Color:    White
  • Height:    15.2
  • Birthdate:    03-28-2011
  • Breed:    TWHBEA
  • Registration:    21101264
  • Type:    Stallion
  • Stud Fee:    $500.00
  • Sire:    Blue Diamond Dealer
  • Dam:    Apaches Chocolate Delight