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Saddle Brook Stables is so excited to announce their recent acquisition of Gens Johnny Walker Red.  Johnny has won countless titles and he is a gorgeous stallion!  He has proven himself as a sire although he has only been bred on a very limited basis.  Stop by and see him!
Zen Horseman
Combining science and spirituality, Dr. Allan Hamilton, author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse, offers tips for strengthening your bond with your horse and becoming a more effective horseman. By Debbie Moors     “There’s a reason why horses are able to connect so intimately with u...
Cost-Efficient Feeding
We all know the importance of a well-balanced diet to our horses’ overall health our veterinarians, farriers, feed store owners, and nutritionists drive that message home on a regular basis. However; how we reach that point of balance can vary greatly and can impact our pocketbooks significantly. In general, if we are willing to put in the extra little legwork, we (and our horses) might get significantly more out of our feed and, perhaps, even save some money in the process.
Our New Site
Welcome to our new site and thank you for taking the time to visit! We have been working on a new site for quite some time so we are very excited to finally have it up and running. We would ask that you be patient as we try to work out all the kinks. We are doing our best to have an interactive si...
Saddle Brook Stables is proud to announce WGC, JFK, and WGC Naples Ritz to their stallion Line-up. For information about JFK, Click Here.
Trot Pace Genetics
Saddle Brook Stables is excited to be partnering with Ann Steiger of Cornell University in a study on Trot/Pace genetics. In recent years the knowledge of horse genetics has soared especially in the fields of color and certain diseases. There is a test for so many things and every day they are disco...